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The Cosmic Nod

Apr 6, 2020

First I talk little bit about the state of the world and my current feelings about it all.... Then I give a little overview of what this special segment is all about.
Many people probably don't know that The Cosmic Nod podcast began as some earnestly recorded conversations with friends and peers about their ayahuasca experiences as I prepared for my very first this past August. 
Enter The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo.  A brilliant thinker, artist, musician, actor, podcaster, writer, and many other -ers that I became a fan of through podcasts like Future Fossils, The Rainbow Brainskull Podcast and Expanding Mind.
I gathered through his various pod appearances that he might have some tales/wisdom to share on the topic of Ayahuasca and decided to reach out to him via the rectangular digital interface we had become friendly through.  I spoke to him a few days before I left for the Peruvian amazon.
As you'll hear at the time of this recording I was still brainstorming on a name for the project, I hadn't fully committed to the idea of a regular podcast yet and beyond trying to get some perspective on what I was headed into, I didn't even really know what I was going to do with the very conversation we were recording.
I'm loosely and generically calling this series Ayahuasca Dialogues which is just going to be a mini-series I present through The Cosmic Nod.  If that sounds confusing don't worry it really isn't.  I spoke to roughly a dozen people that I knew or was introduced to seeking their thoughts, advice and stories about the Ayahuasca experience and that's all there is to it.  It is an extremely limited pool of people and extremely lacking in the diversity I would normally seek but this was not an attempt to add anything significant to the lexicon of Ayahuasca, just a quickly inspired personal project of exploration that occured over 7 days before my excursion.  Regardless of all these journalistic shortcomings I find the conversations extremely fascinating, informative and enjoyable.  
My own ayahuasca experiences which occurred subsequently are well documented on my dear friend and interdimensional travel companion Michael Phillip's podcast, Third Eye Drops.  If you are interested in that, check out the first of a four episode saga.  
I could excitedly listen to Michaelagelo talk about pretty much anything for endless hours.  If you took the energy of Terrence Mckenna, Michael WInslow, Salvador Dali and Robin Williams and put it through a blender it would probably taste a lot like him but yet it would still be missing the deeply unique thing that he is beneath his memetic masks. 
He recently released a short companion piece to this episode (along with is own riffs on the pandemic) on his podcast 'Self Portraits as Other People' a few days ago and you should check it out! 
At the tail of this episode I included the audio from Michaelangelo's 2014 appearance on a series called The Ayahuasca Monologues ( which I later drew some inspo from name wise ) .  He had shared it with me prior to our talk and I refer to it a few times early in the convo.
I highly encourage you to seek out his works of all medium through his website  and his instagram.  
Check out his incredible podcast Self Portraits As Other People.