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The Cosmic Nod

Dec 14, 2020

Super stoked to share this amazing conversation with musician, producer and instagram meme lord Izzy Fontaine with you all!

Izzy and I crossed paths many years ago when he was playing for a band called Happy Body Slow Brain and then later when he was playing with Taking Back Sunday.

He is a self taught genius of a musician who has spent a ton of time learning how to interface with computers as a means of performance and composition. A few years back he moved to LA and fully transitioned out of being in his own bands and into being more of a gun for hire player when he landed a gig as Seal's music director/backing band.

Since then he's gone on to work as a player, producer or music director with an eclectic group of artists ranging from Banks, Harry Hudson, Sam Sparro, The Night Game, Glass Jaw and others.

I love talking with people like Izzy because he is a perfect example of someone making their own rules and blazing their own path. 

We talk about shifting from a life on the road to being more studio bound, focusing on technology and how to interact with it creatively, memes and humor as a means of connection, healing trauma through therapy and self reflection, psychedelic experiences and more.

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