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The Cosmic Nod

May 28, 2020

One of my new favorite artists and people M.K. Komins joins me on the Nod!
A multi-medium'd magician of an artist, M.K. is a bright, curious and friendly soul with a huge heart & and razor sharp mind.
We get into so much good shit on this episode.  One of the many joys of doing this podcast is meeting new people and making new friends but there is just something so incredible about documenting the very first time you talk to someone and having it be such a barn burner of a conversation. 
The themes range from caretaker self-care during a crisis, imposter syndrome, addiction & recovery, the challenges & blessings of life as an artist, the healing harmonious power of empathy and soooooo much more. 
We were both recently in a show together for Arch Enemy Arts of Philadelphia, check out her amazing piece which is also available for purchase <3