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The Cosmic Nod

Oct 22, 2020

Rania Woodard is the singer/founder of the amazing Jacksonville based psych pop duo LANNDS.

We met via twitter back in June and struck up a friendship after discovering we were fans of each other's work.  We had a nice phone chat in July and then decided to record the next one for The Cosmic Nod.

We talk about her life growing up in Memphis, her musical journey & evolution, the weird poetry of the serendipitous universe, her viral tweet : "normalize people of color in alternative/indie music.", progress in social justice & collective consciousness, using your platform for good, the influence of microdosing & psychedelics on her songwriting and more. 

I can't recommend the music of LANNDS enough! They have 2 new singles out now, ninety four & o.o.w plus an amazing back catalog including multiple excellent EPs & singles. I know you're gonna love em too!

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