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The Cosmic Nod

Dec 5, 2019

Surprise double episode drop! 

My friend Shane Mauss and I have a zany conversation about "the biz" (aka show business). The impetus to release this episode along with Sophia Rokhlin's (EP 08) is because they are on tour together RIGHT NOW doing a cool show called "Head Talks". All the info on that will be clear once you listen to these episodes and or go to Shane's website

Topics touched : leaving gear in venues, living on the road, being single, Shane's prog comedy shows Stand Up Science & Head Talks, regular jobs vs the never ending uncertainty of art life, my first con job, Magic Mushroom retreats, Life feeling meaningless, what Late Night spots feel like for a comedian these days, thinking in tweets and grams, running out of pink himalayan sea salt, DIY ethics, why an assistant is probably better than a manager or agent, why Sophia Rocks-lin and Shane puts a case of psilocybin into the Cosmic Time Capsule!

       Originally from Wisconsin, Shane moved to Boston in 2014 to pursue his childhood dreams of being a comedian.  He is now an award-winning stand-up comedian who has done many TV sets including five appearances on Conan, multiple appearances on Comedy Central and a variety of other shows.  You may know him best from his recent appearances on podcasts like Pete Holmes ‘You Made It Weird’, Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Marc Maron’s WTF.

        Midway through his career, this former factory worker who skipped college for comedy followed his natural curiosities and started the science podcast ‘Here We Are’ where each week he travels to interview a different scientist about their work and the meanings of life.  In 2019 he started touring with his live show ‘Stand Up Science’ which combines two comedians and two scientists on the same stage for a night that is equal parts aha and haha.  Due to the success of this tour, he has decided to add a psychedelic version of the show and ‘Head Talks’ was born.

       He is a psychedelic advocate and explorer whose 111-city comedy tour about psychedelics ‘A Good Trip’ was the inspiration for the documentary ‘Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics’.  Available now on Amazon Prime & iTunes, the documentary combines perspectives of some of the top researchers with Shane’s personal journey in a fun, enlightening, and somewhat turbulent adventure. He has even been a guest facilitator at several legal psilocybin retreats run by MycoMeditations in Jamaica.

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