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The Cosmic Nod

Apr 17, 2020

Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer and buddy of mine Steve Choi ( Rx Bandits, The Sound Of Animals FIghting , Peaced Out, J Moon ) comes to the Nod for the first time. We had a lovely virtual morning hang a few weeks into our mutual quarantines.  We each drank a cup of coffee, smoked a joint and let the conversation take us where it wanted to go.
We talk about the madness we are witnessing right now with COVID-19 and how we are both dealing with it.  We talk in depth about our struggles and triumphs with creativity, ego and inner peace.  There's some tour reminiscing and some questions answered from those who submitted in the patreon discord... There are some serious gems of wisdom dropped in this episode as well as some real genuine conversational catharsis that I hope you all enjoy. 
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