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The Cosmic Nod

Feb 18, 2020

Steven Bradshaw creates insanely detailed drawings that reach into the darkest corners of my mind... He has one of the most beautiful & powerful singing voices I’ve ever heard & lends that voice to a plethora of talented (even Grammy winning) ensembles like The Crossing, Room Full Of Teeth, Variant Six and more... He is also my cousin!
As Steve points out at the end of the chat, we don't have these gushing conversations all that often but when we do they wind up having a huge impression on my consciousness. Steve and I have had some of my very favorite personal exchanges over the years and this was no exception.
We talked about the strange and sometimes scary journey of trust that being an independent multi hyphenate entails, living simply in exchange for freedom,  why Steve thinks I have a healthy outlook on things (LOL), how he balances music and visual art and the differences between how they affect his life, the way that our perception changes of media over time both as fans and creators, and a whole lot more.  This is a really amazing chat for anyone on the creative path. Lots of gems.
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