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The Cosmic Nod

Oct 29, 2020

Greg and Dana Newkirk (Hellier, Planet Weird, The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult) come get strange with me on the Nod. (Recorded In January )

Knowing my penchant for the mystical, synchronistic and highly strange, my friend Chad Hall recommended that I watch the Paranormal docuseries Hellier in late 2019. 

Oct 26, 2020

Artist, Comedian and Rainbow Brainskull Podcaster Ramin Nazer and I attempted to do a live call in show and got Zoom-Bombed by Nazis. We then moved the party over to instagram live for an epic 3.5 hour chat about everything and nothing. There was game of thrones scotch, bong hits, conspiracy theory, trivia and lots of...

Oct 22, 2020

Rania Woodard is the singer/founder of the amazing Jacksonville based psych pop duo LANNDS.

We met via twitter back in June and struck up a friendship after discovering we were fans of each other's work.  We had a nice phone chat in July and then decided to record the next one for The Cosmic Nod.

We talk about her life...

Oct 13, 2020

Esao Andrews is a great friend of mine, one of my all time favorite artists and responsible for every Circa Survive album cover to date. Beyond his massive fine art career as an oil painter he has painted murals all over the world, done 30+ covers for the Vertigo Comic Book series "House Of Mystery", as well as dozens...

Oct 6, 2020

One of my favorite artists, Lauren Napolitano joins the Nod this week! Lauren works in a multitude of mediums on a multitude of surfaces.  Whether it's a drawing on paper or object, a mural on a wall or a tattoo on someone's skin ;  everything Lauren makes is beautiful, unique & full of its' own inborn magic.