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The Cosmic Nod

Sep 28, 2020

The episode so many have been waiting for is here! My longtime bandmate and dear friend of over 20 years, musician/vocal extraordinaire Anthony Green joins the Nod for the first time. 

Anthony is a force of nature. It is an extreme understatement to say I have never met anyone like him.  He is one of the most adored and gifted lyricists/vocalists on the planet as well one of the most interesting thinkers when it comes to creativity, intuition, spirituality, and the human condition.  You may know his work within our band Circa Survive, his solo music or a slew of other projects/collaborations most notably Saosin and The Sounds Of Animals Fighting.

This conversation took place on April 8th and we were in the first month of dealing with the fall out of our tour being canceled due to Covid-19.  We talk about that a bit and then go down the rabbit hole of memories and reflections.  I'm lucky enough to have had hundreds of conversations like this with him over the years, this was just the first time we recorded it.  Hopefully there will be plenty more. In fact if you like this episode I would recommend joining the Circa Survive Patreon because we do 2 podcasts a month plus a zillion other cool things. 

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